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Call My Wine Bluff

Wine Tasting with a difference

Call My Wine Bluff is a fun way to raise money for charity or as a social event for clubs/businesses.

Usually 6 wines are tasted by teams of 10. The wines are tasted ‘blind’ and the teams are assisted by a panel of 3 experts – we do ask you to nominate 3 willing volunteers to become our wine ‘experts’ for the evening. Each expert will be given full tasting notes for each wine – but only one of them will be telling the truth, the other two will be lying through their teeth!

Paul Rollings acts as Master of Ceremonies for the night, giving initial guidance on how to taste wine. Expect some interesting, surprising and unusual offerings. Not just your average supermarket plonk!

The teams have to decide who is giving the correct wine description, they can also gain extra points by having a stab at the vintage and price. We provide the answer sheets for the teams.

A bottle of champagne is provided for the winning team. It is usual for most participants to leave the event in a very merry mood!

Prices vary depending on the wines selected for the evening with a starting point of around £80 a table.